We are committed to solving your problems in the most cost-effective way possible.

We work with our clients to prevent problems from happening in the first place, through protection of rights, due diligence and strategic counseling.  If a problem arises, we work with our client to determine the most cost-effective approaches to resolve it. The best approach may be negotiation or mediation, or a more creative solution tailored to the client’s needs. If push comes to shove, we are prepared to shove, with decades of trial and appellate litigation experience.

Simply put,  we assist our clients in securing, protecting, monetizing and enforcing their rights and assets.

Areas of Practice


Coming up with an invention and receiving a patent is only the beginning. Our clients use the firm’s expertise in patent counseling, licensing and litigation, in a variety of technologies, to leverage their hard-earned rights or to protect their businesses from claims of infringement.

The attorneys at McGarry and McGarry have counseled and represented in litigation numerous clients either asserting or defending against patent rights. We have the proper credentials to argue before the United State Patent And Trademark Office, as well as having an extensive network of associates to help throughout the world, if necessary.
Representative clients include: Lexmark, Inc., Samsung Electronics, JAR Labs and Lumenis Ltd.

Moreover, with McGarry and McGarry’s experience in intellectual property law and employment law, we are uniquely qualified to handle situations with employee product development and protecting the rights of all parties.


What can a musician do when his catchy tune is commandeered, or a writer is accused of pirating a plotline? McGarry  and McGarry is well-versed in all aspects of copyright protection, recapture and enforcement, including licensing, termination of transfers, and litigation.

One of McGarry and McGarry’s long-standing clients is Survivor Music, Inc. For over 20 years, the attorneys at McGarry and McGarry, have vigorously protected and enforced the copyright to Survivor’s hit “Eye of the Tiger” as well as its rights in the Survivor® trademark. Whether the opponent is the world’s largest record company litigating over download royalties, a presidential candidate trying to fire up his base, or an online pirate, McGarry and McGarry has taken them on and been successful.

McGarry and McGarry also successfully represented, through trial and appeal, the Chicago Park District in Kelley v. the Chicago Park District, a landmark case involving The Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA).

Trademarks and Unfair Competition

What’s in a name? It could well be the core of a business. Our clients rely on our knowledge of the Lanham Act and state laws to protect their trademarks and trade dress from infringement, encroachment, and overreaching by their competitors. And because unfair competition is not limited to trademark infringement, we assist our clients with claims of false advertising, trade disparagement, and other deceptive trade practices.

McGarry and McGarry has represented numerous clients on trademark and unfair competition issues in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the federal courts. For example, they have policed and protected the trademarks of the Chicago Park District and have extensively litigated a business’ right to use its owner’s surname in company name in Bobak Sausage vs. A & J Seven Bridges and O’Keefe, Lyons and Hynes vs. O’Keefe Law Firm.


Not all threats to a business come from the outside. Clients turn to McGarry and McGarry for help with their employees. Whether the issue is a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement for a new employee, drafting, implementing and interpreting employee policies, or defending against claims of a former employee, McGarry and McGarry is experienced and ready to assist.

Moreover, with training and experience acting as a neutral for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, McGarry and McGarry is uniquely qualified to resolve employer/employee disputes without the crippling costs of litigation.

If litigation becomes necessary, McGarry and McGarry will take it to the mat. For example, it was the only firm that successfully extracted a defendant, the Chicago Park District, from a consent decree in Shakman v. Cook County, without the need to spend millions of dollars for independent monitors. They have also successfully defended clients against discrimination claims, ADA claims and FMLA claims.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation may not always be the best solution for a business dispute. McGarry and McGarry’s lawyers are experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods and are trained mediators.

McGarry and McGarry has represented clients in hundreds, if not thousands, of mediations. They have also taken on the role as mediators numerous times, involving disputes relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, legal malpractice, all types of contracts and employer- employee disagreements.

Principal Attorneys

Annette M. McGarry

After being a partner in a national law firm for a number of years, Annette decided to open McGarry and McGarry, LLC in order to have the flexibility to assist clients with all of their legal needs in a personal, timely and cost-effective manner.

Annette concentrates her practice in litigation and counseling of clients, with particular emphasis on intellectual property, licenses and contracts and employment issues. She counsels clients on how to monetize and protect their assets and will enforce her clients’ rights, in court, when necessary.

Annette has experience in devising solutions based upon on specific client’s needs—regardless of whether that client or the opponent is an individual or a Fortune 500 company. A few of the clients that Annette has represented in and out of court, include Samsung Electronics, The Chicago Park District, Survivor Music, JAR Laboratories, mBlox, Inc., The Buckinghams, The O’Keefe Law Firm, Frank M. Sullivan (composer) and John Wiley & Co.

Annette is also a trained mediator. She has participated in hundreds of mediations representing parties and has also taken on the role as mediator in numerous instances, including many at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Annette has a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from the University of Dayton, a Law Degree from The John Marshall Law School and has trained as a mediator at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University. She is admitted to practice in Illinois and California, the United States Supreme Court, the United States Courts of Appeals for the Seventh and Federal Circuits, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois (general and trial bar) and the Central and Northern Districts of California Annette is also admitted to practice before the United States Patent Office.

John T. McGarry, Sr.

John “Jack” McGarry has been practicing law since 1965. With over 50 years of experience, Jack acts as a sounding board and applies a wealth of practical knowledge and common sense to resolving a client’s problem.

Jack has a Bachelor Degree in Arts from Siena College and a Law Degree from The John Marshall Law School.

Marianne C. Holzhall

Marianne’s practice focuses on federal commercial and intellectual property litigation and alternative dispute resolution. She handles all aspects of litigation, from pre-filing investigation and negotiation through discovery, trial and appeal.

Throughout her career, Marianne has represented clients in arbitrations and mediations, often negotiating complex or creative resolutions, and is herself a trained mediator.

Marianne has represented clients from a variety of industries, including media and entertainment, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and sporting goods. Marianne’s clients have included, among others, Precision53, LLC and Tilted Kilt franchisees.

Prior to joining McGarry and McGarry, Marianne was a partner in the intellectual property litigation practice group of a national law firm.

Marianne received a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree from Northwestern University, her law degree cum laude from Loyola University of Chicago and has been trained as a mediator by the Center for Conflict Resolution. She is admitted to practice in Illinois, the United States Supreme Court, the United States Courts of Appeals for the Seventh and Federal Circuits, and the United States District Courts for the Northern District of Illinois (general and trial bar), Central District of Illinois and the District of Colorado.

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McGarry and McGarry LLC
120 North LaSalle Street, Suite 1100
Chicago, Illinois 60602

Phone: (312) 345-4600
FAX: (312) 345-4601
Email: contact@mcgarryllc.com